Tomáš Tragan from RENOMIA is the first Czech in the international organisation Institute of Fire Engineers

Tomáš Tragan, the Risk Management Director at RENOMIA is the first Czech to have been accepted as a full member of the Institute of Fire Engineers in Great Britain.

His membership in this prestigious international professional organisation, whose members are selected by fire-​protection specialists from all over the world, entitles him to use the title of MIFireE and certifies him as a world-​class professional.

Ing. Tomáš Tragan, Ph.D., MIFireE, became a full member of the Institute of Fire Engineers in Great Britain after passing demanding examinations to certify his professional competence. His professional accreditation from this international institution in the field of fire protection dramatically raises the credit of RENOMIA's Risk Management Department and the risk reports and analyses it prepares for clients of RENOMIA.

"The expertise and reliability of the risk manager who is evaluating and examining all the risks to which the client's business is exposed are absolutely fundamental for the firm and its business partners. Experience and credibility are the basis for the trustworthiness of the risk report and its conclusions and recommendations as to the correct treatment of the risks, because they can completely and radically affect both the client's business and its business relations," Tomáš Tragan said in explaining the importance of the highest level of expertise and the risk engineer's guarantee of quality.

"Membership in this organisation of fully accredited professionals will allow me to draw on their experience and knowledge, and I stand to gain higher international comparison potential. At the same time our department will have access to a number of highly professional fire-​protection studies and related circles. We also have the opportunity to discuss and consult problematic cases with unbiased world-​class professionals," added Tomáš Tragan.