RENOMIA Wins Its Third Insurance Broker of the Year Award, Jiřina Nepalová Recognized as Personality of the Insurance Market

RENOMIA, the largest insurance brokerage founded in Central and Eastern Europe, triumphs at the Insurance Broker of the Year Award 2016. Jiřina Nepalová, CEO RENOMIA, received the honorary award for the Personality of the Insurance Market for her extraordinary contribution to the development of the Czech insurance industry.

“RENOMIA has built up its strong position in the local and international market on the foundation of always acting in the best interest of the client and offering them consultation support. To be voted Insurance Brokerage of the Year is particularly valuable, as our qualities are recognized by industry professionals whom I hold in great esteem,” Jiřina Nepalová, CEO RENOMIA, comments on the achievement.

RENOMIA was voted Insurance Broker of the Year as part of the Insurer of the Year Awards already for the third time in the last six years. The awards are organised by Association of Czech Insurance Brokers (AČPM) and co-​organised by the Czech Insurance Association (ČAP) under the patronage of Jiří Rusnok, Governor of the Czech National Bank which acts as the industry market oversight authority.

“Our client’s expectations are growing, so if we aim to be successful over the long term, we have to always improve and develop. We put a great emphasis on risk management; our risk analysis prevents losses on the client side. We cultivate expertise in specialist areas and we understand the business of our clients; we also invest in digitalisation. We are seeing a good rate of organic growth and as well as growing through acquisitions in the Czech Republic and abroad. We offer insurance cover all over the world. Thanks to all this we can give our clients top-​quality service and professionalize the market,” adds Jiřina Nepalová.

The evaluation criteria included the quality of data supplied to the insurer, quality of communication between the broker and the insurer and, especially, between the client and the broker, expertise in insurance management, the agents’ professional knowledge and the development of new products.

At the gala award ceremony, Jiřina Nepalová, CEO and Founder of RENOMIA, also collected an honorary award for the Personality of the Insurance Market. The award is presented for excellent and outstanding contribution to the development of the Czech insurance industry. Jiřina Nepalová has been in insurance for close to 40years and has extensive experience in implementation of insurance programmes across various industries and in claim adjustment. In 1993, she founded APS Hranice in Hranice na Moravě, which later changed its name to RENOMIA. In the past ten years, RENOMIA has been the Czech market leader. Today, RENOMIA GROUP is the market-​leading consultancy in the area of insurance and risk management founded in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.